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Mediatech (International) Ltd.

professional services


Consultation Services

Take advantage of our expertise to overcome the technical and logistical challenges in the planning, implementation, and integration of both your new and existing systems. Our teams work with you to identify clear business objectives, establish system requirements, and design a systems architecture that maintains functionality, cost-effectiveness, and interoperability.

Implementation Services

Meet your business demands with solutions tailored to your needs. Based on prior assessment of your existing infrastructure, our teams will assist with the installation, configuration, training and ongoing maintenance of your system hardware and software. Product demonstrations, hardware replacement and repair, system management services, periodic health checks and status reports are also available by appointment.

Integration Services

Realize your projects to their fullest potential. Smoothly incorporate third-party hardware or software into new or existing workflows. Ensure interoperability, reduced complexity, minimized cost, and improved efficiency of your system. Our integration services extend to the development of custom tools that will help streamline operation and further refine your workflow.

Operations Services

Let us manage the day-to-day operations of your system. We offer a wealth of operations services, ranging from routine system management to rapid field response in the event of unexpected system failure. Mediatech employees are on call daily to receive fault reports and to provide customer support. Advance notice and special provisions may be necessary for an immediate response during weekends and public holidays. Live event overseeing services are also available by appointment.

Rental Services

Not ready to invest in a full-fledged system? Our rental services are an ideal way to stay competitive and informed about the latest products. Experiment with a new workflow, familiarize yourself with a product, or simply reduce the capital expenditure of your latest project with our flexible rental plans.

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